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Number 7 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-58-5)

# Article Title
1 Design of Embedded System for Skin Pigments Disorder Identification
Authors :Kanchan Anasane, Prof. Jagruti J. Shah
2 Automobile Vehicle Testing and Control System using AUTOSAR based Module
Authors :Vrushali Shinde, Prof.S.P.Karmore
3 E-commerce Application using Web API and Apriori Algorithm of Data Mining
Authors :Sanket Nagone, Bharat Kapse, Mayur Bhagwat
4 Lossless Image Compression LOCO-R Algorithm for 16 bit Image
Authors :Komal Ramteke, Sunita Rawat
5 Segmentation of Scanned Handwritten Devnagari Text using Morphological Approach
Authors :Sandip N.Kamble, Prof. Megha Kamble
6 IR-HARQ (Incremental Redundancy Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request) Strategies and its Optimization
Authors :Dr.S.S Limaye, Mayuri Chawla
7 Overview of Network On Chip Architecture
Authors :Bharati B. Sayankar, Dr S.S. Limaye
8 Layered Approach to Improve Web Information Retrieval
Authors :Jayant Gadge, Dr. S.S. Sane, Dr. H.B. Kekre