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Number 8 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-59-8)

# Article Title
1 Mobile Controlled Crane using DTMF and PLC System
Authors :Sumit Kumar Sengupta, Asif Iqbal, Mahesh Kumar Gupta
2 Introduction to reversible logic Gates & its Application
Authors :P.R.Yelekar, Prof. Sujata S. Chiwande
3 Implementation of 4x4 Reconfigurable Crossbar Switch for Network Processor
Authors :Prashant K. Wanjari, Anagha Choudhari, Indrayani Patle
4 Virtual Animation Studio using Inductive Logic Programming and a Searching Algorithm based on Rabin Karp for Efficient Data Retrieval
Authors :Raseshwari Pulle, Aparna Girme
5 Study of Evolutionary Connectionism from the perspective of Fuzzy Neural Network and Neuro-Fuzzy Inference model
Authors :Rajesh S. Prasad
6 Low Bitrates Video Encoding by using VLSI architecture
Authors :Lokesh R. Chawle, Swati R. Dixit, A.Y.Deshmukh
7 A Segmented Current Steering DAC for Wireless Application
Authors :Vivek P. Landge, Abhijit B. Maidamwar
8 A Context based Gesture Interpretation System
Authors :Anuradha J. Bhatt, Prof. S. A. Chhabria, Mukta J. Bhatt