Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 11 (ISBN: 978-93-80866-82-5)

# Article Title
1 QOS Improvement by Load Balancing using Nodal and Neighboring Load in Multipath Routing
Authors : Jawade Nilima R, Bawane N G, Dongre Manoj M
2 Methodology for Human Face retrieval from video sequences based on holistic approach
Authors : Z. G. Sheikh, V.M. Thakare, S. S. Sherekar
3 Parallel Discrete Event Simulation based on Multi-Core Plateform-A New Approach
Authors : Manzoor G.Ahmed, Shirish V.Pattalwar, Vilas M. Thakare
4 Residue Contact Prediction for Protein Structure using 2-Norm Distances
Authors : Nikita V. Mahajan, L.G.Malik
5 Security issues in Cloud Computing
Authors : Kalyani D. Kadam, Sonia K. Gajre, R. L. Paikrao
6 Techniques for Traffic Sign Classification using Machine Learning- A Survey
Authors : Meeta Kumar, JayshreeGhorpade, V. Y.Kulkarni
7 Load–Balancing - The Essential Factor in Communication Network of Distributed System
Authors : V.S.Tondre, R.V.Dharaskar, S.S.Sherekar
8 Blind Method for Image Forgery Detection: A tool for Digital Image Forensics
Authors : Anil Dada Warbhe, R. V. Dharaskar