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Number 14 (ISBN: 978-93-80866-85-2)

# Article Title
1 Novel Approach for Worm Detection using Modified CRC32 Algorithm
Authors : Avinash Wadhe, Nikita Mahajan, Rahul Suryawanshi
2 Designing and Recording Emotional Speech Databases
Authors : Swati D. Bhutekar, M. B. Chandak
3 A Statistical Approach for Load balancing on Cluster Computing
Authors : Chandu Vaidya, M.B. Chandak
4 Applying Evolutionary Clustering Technique for finding the most Significant Solution from the Large Result Set obtained in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Authors : P.M.Chaudhari, R.V. Dharaskar, V. M. Thakare
5 Split Personality Malware: A Security Threat
Authors : Nisha Lalwani, M.B.Chandak, R.V.Dharaskar
6 Frame work for Adaptive Mobile Interface: An Overview
Authors : Kishor H. Walse, Rajiv V. Dharaskar, V. M. Thakare
7 Genetic Algorithm Based Dot Pattern Image Processing
Authors : Purshottam J. Assudani, Latesh G. Malik
8 A Comparative study for approaches for Hand Sign Language
Authors : Pravin R. Futane, R.V. Dharaskar, V. M. Thakare