Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 15 (ISBN: 978-93-80866-86-6)

# Article Title
1 Efficient Single Rate based Multicast Congestion Control
Authors : Sunil Kumar, Karan Singh
2 Study of Mobile Botnets: An Analysis from the Perspective of Efficient Generalized Forensics Framework for Mobile Devices
Authors : Rizwan Ahmed, Rajiv V. Dharaskar
3 Integration of GSM With IPv6
Authors : Samir N. Ajani
4 A Study of Sofware Reuse and Models
Authors : Ashwin B. Tomar, V. M. Thakare
5 Approach for Switching Automatic Protection using Mobile Signal
Authors : Kanchan V. Gawande, Jayant Y. Hande
6 Estimation of Resource Usage in Peer to Peer Network
Authors : Amol P. Bhagat, Pravin Malve, Jayant Mehare
7 Efficient Approximate Query Processing In P2P Network
Authors : Amol P. Bhagat, P. P. Pawade, V. T. Gaikwad
8 Performance improvement in beamforming of Smart Antenna by using LMS algorithm
Authors : B. G. Hogade, Jyoti Chougale-Patil, Shrikant K.Bodhe
9 Infobright Enterprise Edition Analytic Data Warehouse Technology – An overview
Authors : Juned A. Khan, Ajit P. Shiralkar