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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-57-2)

# Article Title
1 Data Transfer using Pendrives
Authors : Ranganath N. P. , Shilpashree P. S.
2 A Study of Performance Analysis on Knapsack Problem
Authors : Pushpa S. K. , Mrunal T. V., C. Suhas
3 Information Extraction from Clinical Text using NLP and Machine Learning: Issues and Opportunities
Authors : M. Sridevi, Arunkumar B. R.
4 Variations in Delaunay Model Representation for Soft Tissue Modeling
Authors : Jayasudha K, Mohan. G. Kabadi
5 Analysis of Airport Data using Hadoop-Hive: A Case Study
Authors : S. K. Pushpa, Manjunath T. N., Srividhya
6 A Study on Twitter 4j Libraries for Data Acquisition from Tweets
Authors : Shilpy Singh, Manjunath T. N, Ashwini . N
7 A Survey on Face Recognition Technology - Viola Jones Algorithm
Authors : Ankur Sahitya, Manjunath T N, Veena N
8 A Survey on Signal Acquistion and Feature Extraction Techniques
Authors : Vidya Devi M, Thippeswamy G.