Call for Paper - March 2020 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80881-93-2)

# Article Title
1 A Survey on Genetic Algorithm Based Classification Technique for Handwritten Character Recognition
Authors : Abhishek Phukan, Mrinaljit Borah
2 Identification of Candidate Genes, Governing Gynoecy In Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia L. ) by In-Silico Gene Expression Analysis
Authors : Raghavendra Gunnaiah, Vinod M. S., Krishna Prasad, Elangovan M
3 Security Concerns and Issues for Bitcoin
Authors : Chinmay A. Vyas, Munindra Lunagaria
4 WiMAX Service Classes and CAC Mechnisms: A brief Introduction
Authors : Dixita Waghela, Hemali Vithalani, Krishna Dalasaniya, Reshma Roychoudhuri
5 A Survey on Protein-Protein Interaction Network in Bioinformatics
Authors : Manali R. Modi, Merry. K. P
6 Analysis of Packet Transmission Overhead of IPv4 and IPv6 through Simulation
Authors : Nitul Dutta, S. R. Biradar, Krishna Chakraborty, Md. Abu Safi, Kushal Pokhrel, Shrijana Pradhan, Saswati Bhattacharyee, Kiran Gautam
7 Fermentative Hydrogen Production by Enterobacter sp. KTSMBNL-01 Isolated from Municipal Sewage Sludge: Optimization Studies
Authors : Pugazhendhi A, Prakash P, Poornima Priyadharsani T. K, Valsala H, Thamaraiselvi K
8 Modified Gabor Filter based Vehicle Verification
Authors : Amrutha Ramachandran