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Comparative Study of Z-Source Inverter

Published on September 2018 by Mayur M Pardeshi, U. V. Patil, M. F. A. R. Satarkar
Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering
Foundation of Computer Science USA
RTEE2017 - Number 1
September 2018
Authors: Mayur M Pardeshi, U. V. Patil, M. F. A. R. Satarkar

Mayur M Pardeshi, U. V. Patil, M. F. A. R. Satarkar . Comparative Study of Z-Source Inverter. Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering. RTEE2017, 1 (September 2018), 18-23.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering
%A Mayur M Pardeshi
%A U. V. Patil
%A M. F. A. R. Satarkar
%T Comparative Study of Z-Source Inverter
%J Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering
%@ 0975-8887
%V RTEE2017
%N 1
%P 18-23
%D 2018
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

A comparative study of few z-source inverter topologieswith control methods are compared and presented in this paper. Z-source inverter uses shoot-through state which boosts input voltage, improves reliability of converter. This is useful in some applications like electrical drives, power generation technologies such as fuel cells, solar photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and commercial application like hybrid electric vehicles, etc. The ZSI has few drawbacks like decrease in efficiency, unidirectional power flow, light-load operation, higher inrush current during starting. To overcome these limitationsvarious modifications have been suggested by researchers in the basic topology of ZSI. Acomparative study of these topologies with simulation results is presented in this paper.

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Voltage Source Inverter (vsi) Current Source Inverter (csi) Z-source Inverter (zsi)