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A Brief Survey on Different Privacy Preserving Techniques

IJCA Proceedings on Technical Symposium on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science
© 2016 by IJCA Journal
TSETCS 2016 - Number 2
Year of Publication: 2016
Aparna Shinde
Khushboo Saxena
Amit Mishra
Shiv K. Sahu

Aparna Shinde, Khushboo Saxena, Amit Mishra and Shiv K Sahu. Article: A Brief Survey on Different Privacy Preserving Techniques. IJCA Proceedings on Technical Symposium on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science TSETCS 2016(2):1-4, June 2016. Full text available. BibTeX

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As data mining is used to extract valuable information from large amount of data. But this is harmful in some cases so some kind of protection is required for sensitive information. So privacy preserving mining is emerge with the goal to provide protection from mining. There are many research branches in this area. This paper focus on analyzing different techniques of privacy persevering and specify there requirement for special type of cases.


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