Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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XPLORE (ISBN: 973-93-80873-92-4)

# Article Title
1 An Agent based Approach using Symbian Phone Forensics
Authors : Neha V. Londase, Radhika K. Rathi, Rhucha D. Gangamwar
2 Detection and Prevention Techniques for Gray Hole Attack in MANET: Review
Authors : Amit A. Bhusari, Pradeep M. Jawandhiya
3 Distributed Computing System for Parallel Processing
Authors : Pallavi S. Shendekar, Vijay S. Gulhane
4 Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey
Authors : Aniket M. Junghare, Deepali M. Shimpi
5 Script Identification of Text Words from Multilingual Indian Document
Authors : Priyanka P. Yeotikar, P. R. Deshmukh
6 The Combined Effect of Median and FIR Filter in Pre-processing of ECG Signal using Matlab
Authors : Jaykumar S. Karnewar, Milind V. Sarode