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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80869-28-7)

# Article Title
1 Digital Compression Technique - A Novel Method of Implementation
Authors : V. J. Rehna, Kehkeshan Jalall S, T. C. Manjunath, A A Powly Thomas
2 Evaluation of Quality of Images Subjected to Compression Algorithms
Authors : Rashmi S Nair, Rejimol Robinson R R
3 Ultra Sound Kidney Image Retrieval using Time Efficient One Dimensional GLCM Texture Feature
Authors : C. Callins Christiyana, V. Rajamani, A. Usha Devi
4 Multiscale Iris Representation for Person Identification
Authors : Vijay M. Mane, Gaurav V. Chalkikar, Milind E. Rane
5 Real Time Stereo Matching for Radiometric Changes
Authors : Merlin George, Rejimol Robinson R. R
6 Automatic Image Registration using SIFT-NCC
Authors : Vinividyadharan, Subusurendran
7 Automated Segmentation of Angio Vessels
Authors : S. Sathish Kumar, R. Amutha
8 Modeling of an Intuitive Gesture Recognition System
Authors : Nithish R, Unnikrishnan T A