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Client Server based Image Enhancement in Android Phones

IJCA Special Issue on International Conference on Electronic Design and Signal Processing
© 2013 by IJCA Journal
ICEDSP - Number 2
Year of Publication: 2013
Manoj Kumar M
Shiva Sumanth Reddy
Brunda P
Srinivasa G

Manoj Kumar M, Shiva Sumanth Reddy, Brunda P and Srinivasa G. Article: Client Server based Image Enhancement in Android Phones. IJCA Special Issue on International Conference on Electronic Design and Signal Processing ICEDSP(2):11-14, February 2013. Full text available. BibTeX

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A mobile Operating system is an OS for hand held devices or mobiles. Smart phones in today's World are found to be based on different Operating systems. For ex. , Nokia's Symbian OS, Apple's IOS, RIM's BlackBerry OS, Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, Google's Android, Samsung's Bada OS, etc. , Android has large number of developers writing applications ("apps") that extend the functionality of the devices. As of March 2012 there were more than 725,000 apps available for Android. In this paper we are presenting an image enhancement technique to enhance image on android phones. The terms Server and Server side programming are very commonly used. Generally speaking, a server is an application hosted on a machine and provides some services to other applications (clients) requesting the services. In our application PHP is used at the server side which performs the task of image enhancement. Here the android mobile acts as a Client which is used to capture the image and send it to the PHP server for processing. After processing the image is sent back to the mobile (client). This app can be can be used in the areas such as traffic analysis, medical image analysis, satellite and defence applications, where images captured are required to be enhanced to have a better view. Three different image enhancement algorithms such as Histogram equalization, Brightness Preserving Bi Histogram Equalization (BBHE), Average luminance with weighted histogram equalization (ALWHE) are used for enhancement.


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