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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80872-69-1)

# Article Title
1 Integrating Expert System Module with the Image Processing Module for Real-Time Generation of Satellite Images
Authors : Satish R. Kulkarni, A. M. Khan, C. G. Patil
2 A Comparison of PTS Approach, Companding and Clipping for PAPR Reduction in OFDM
Authors : Ajay. B. S, D. Kiran Kumar, M. Kailasa Reddy
3 STFT based Blind Separation of Underdetermined Speech Mixtures
Authors : Prasanna Kumar M K, Padmavathi K
4 Cepstral Analysis of Speech for the Vocal Fold Pathology Detection
Authors : Jennifer C Saldanha, Ananthakrishna T, Rohan Pinto
5 Performance Analysis of DPCM and ADPCM
Authors : Pratheek. R, M. N. Suma
6 Region Adaptive Unsharp Masking based DCT Interpolation for Efficient Video Intra Frame Up-Sampling
Authors : Aditya Acharya, Sukadev Meher
7 An Efficient Multiscale Phase Spectrum based Salient Object Detection Technique
Authors : Deepak Singh, Sukadev Meher
8 RISC Architecture based DLX Processor for Fast Convolution and Correlation
Authors : Sumalatha S, Rajeswari, Jayalaxmi. H
9 Microcontroller based Home Security System with Remote Monitoring
Authors : Nikhil Agarwal, G. Subramanya Nayak