Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-10-6)

# Article Title
1 Snow Avalanche Admonisher through Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Shruti Gupta, Brajesh Kumar, Dhruv Garg
2 Modifying Round Robin Algorithm for Process Scheduling using Dynamic Quantum Precision
Authors : Mohd Abdul Ahad
3 Design and Development of Advanced Cross Assembler for 8085 Microprocessor
Authors : Shashank Bansal, Avneesh Mittal, Vijay Sharma, O. P. Sharma, T. K. Saxena
4 Intelligent Naïve Bayes Approach to Diagnose Diabetes Type-2
Authors : Abid Sarwar, Vinod Sharma
5 To Discover Vulnerabilities of Quantum Cryptography in Secure Optical Data Transport
Authors : Sandeep Kumar, Shomil Bansal
6 Evidence based Guideline System
Authors : Dharmendra, Teena Verma, Puneet Kumar, Parita Jain
7 A Comparative Study on Information Security Risk Analysis Practices
Authors : Neeta Shukla, Sachin Kumar
8 Estimation and Analysis of Path Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks using Position-based Routing Protocol
Authors : R. S. Raw, Vikas Toor, N. Singh
9 Performance Appraisal of DWT and DT-CWT for Image Fusion and De-noising
Authors : Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, Sumiti Kapoor, Sanjay Singh