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Wireless Technologies and Applications for Future Wireless Systems

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IP Multimedia Communications
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ISBN : 978-93-80864-99-3
Year of Publication: 2011
Ajay Singh
Shailendra Singh Tanwar

Ajay Singh and Shailendra Singh. Wireless Technologies and Applications for Future Wireless Systems. Special issues on IP Multimedia Communications (1):125-129, October 2011. Full text available. BibTeX

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In this paper, the key areas of focus include taking a strategic look at the growing usage of Wireless, the application of Wireless ATM (WATM) for multimedia, the Mobile IP and Wireless data developments due to increased Internet navigation, application of PCS, and the deployment of Wireless technology in the Indian in past few years. The development indicates that the increased flexibility and mobility features of Wireless are encouraging a large number of researchers to take a serious step towards the deployment of Wireless networks. These days the wireless technologies, devices and services are cheaper and easily affordable by the customers through all over the world as well as in India. For the geographic and demographic conditions in the Indian region, the applicability of wireless infrastructures is gaining rapid momentum in a very short period of time. In this paper I will clearly demonstrate that the current competition and developments in wireless technology show that the user requirements will drive the developments in the Wireless technology to get a “Skyway to the Future” over the next decade.