Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-67-1)

# Article Title
1 A Novel Method for Symmetric Encryption using Split Plaintext Key Pair (Pi,Ki) Algorithm
Authors :Renjith P R, Arun Sojan and Praseeda K Gopinadhan
2 Data Security and Access Control for Geospatial Database sets Using Novel StegoHash Algorithm
Authors :Mamta Malik and Dr. A.K.Sharma
3 Fortification of Transport Layer Security Protocol
Authors :Kuljeet Kaur
4 An Off-Line Electronic Payment Scheme based on Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing
Authors :Mustapha Hedabou
5 “Yukti”: A Dynamic Agents Based IDS with Suspect Engine to Detect Diverse XSS Attacks
Authors :K. Sivakumar, Anil. K. Sarje and K. Garg
6 Fuzzy Logic Based Intrusion Detection System against Blackhole Attack on AODV in MANET
Authors :Kulbhushan and Jagpreet Singh
7 A Novel DNA Based Encrypted Text Compression
Authors :D. Prabhu, M. Adimoolam and P. Saravannan
8 A Symmetric Encryption Scheme for Colour BMP Images
Authors :Narendra K Pareek, Vinod Patidar and Krishan K Sud
9 Simulation of Self-Organized Public-Key Management for Ad Hoc Networks
Authors :Arifa S. Tamboli, Sunita S. Shinde and Shabanam S. Tamboli