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RETRET (ISBN: 973-93-80873-35-9)

# Article Title
1 Extracting Melodic Pattern of 'Mohan Veena' from Polyphonic Audio Signal of North Indian Classical Music
Authors : Ram K. Nawasalkar, Nilesh M. Shingnapure, Pradeep K. Butey
2 Performance of Free-space Optical Communication with Feed Forward Compensation Model
Authors : S. Kannadhasan, R. Suresh
3 Review of Odd Even Routing Algorithm for 2D Mesh Topology of Network-on-Chip Architecture for Bursty Traffic
Authors : Anuradha K. Shrimawale, Mahendra A. Gaikwad
4 Application of Current-Mode Multi-Valued Logic in the Design of Vedic Multiplier
Authors : Ashish S. Shende, M. A. Gaikwad, D. R. Dandekar
5 Review of Quaternary Adders in Voltage Mode Multi-Valued Logic
Authors : Neha W. Umredkar, M. A. Gaikwad, D. R. Dandekar
6 Review of XY Routing Algorithm for 2D Torus Topology of NoC Architecture
Authors : Priyanka N. Chopkar, Mahendra A. Gaikwad
7 A Comparative Study of Different Topologies for Network-On-Chip Architecture
Authors : Sonal S. Bhople, M. A. Gaikwad
8 Review of Mesh Topology of NoC Architecture using Source Routing Algorithms
Authors : Vaishali V. Ingle, Mahendra A. Gaikwad