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A Review on JPEG2000 Image Compression

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2010 by IJCA Journal
Number 9 - Article 8
Year of Publication: 2010
Raman Maini
Suruchi Mehra

Raman Maini and Suruchi Mehra. Article:A Review on JPEG2000 Image Compression. International Journal of Computer Applications 11(9):43–47, December 2010. Published By Foundation of Computer Science. BibTeX

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Image compression requires higher performance as well as new features to address the need in the specific area of still image encoding, a new standard is currently being developed, that is JPEG2000. The JPEG2000 standard provides a set of features that are of vital importance to many high-end and emerging applications. JPEG-2000 is an emerging standard for still image compression. This paper provides a brief history of the JPEG-2000 standardization process, an overview of the standard, and some description of the capabilities provided by the standard. In this paper we describe JPEG-2000 from the point of view of encoding.


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