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Colour Image Watermarking using Bi-Orthogonal Wavelet Transform

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2010 by IJCA Journal
Number 9 - Article 5
Year of Publication: 2010
K. Ramani
E.V. Prasad
V. Lokanadham Naidu
D. Ganesh

K Ramani, E V Prasad, Lokanadham V Naidu and D Ganesh. Article:Colour Image Watermarking using Bi-Orthogonal Wavelet Transform. International Journal of Computer Applications 11(9):25–29, December 2010. Published By Foundation of Computer Science. BibTeX

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The proposed method provides copyright protection for digital images. This watermarking algorithm embeds a logo invisibly into the colour biomedical image which is decomposed using bi-orthogonal wavelet transform using two pn-sequences. Bi-orthogonal wavelets have the property of perfect reconstruction and smoothness. The colour cover image is decomposed into R, G, B channels and blue channel is selected for watermarking. The blue channel is decomposed into n-levels using bi-orthogonal wavelet transform and mid-frequency bands LH and HL are selected for embedding. The prosed method is verified for different cover images and with different watermaks. The robustness of this algorithm is tested against various types of image processing operations and geometric attacks such as Salt and pepper noise, Gaussian noise, Poisson noise, Compression, Rotation, Scaling and Cropping.


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