Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80886-25-8)

# Article Title
1 Analysis of Techniques of Sentiment and Topic Detection
Authors : Supriya Paul, Sachin N. Deshmukh
2 Combination of Local, Global and K-Mean using Wavelet Transform for Content Base Image Retrieval
Authors : Ekta Gupta, Rajendra Singh Kushwah
3 Performance Analysis of Four Equal Port Power Splitter with Second Harmonic Suppression
Authors : Ankit Saxena, Annapurna, Brajlata Chauhan
4 A Proposed Algorithm for Ambiguity Reduction with Computational Immune System in HCSI
Authors : Papri Ghosh, Tejbanta S. Chinghtham, M. K. Ghose
5 SPV and Mutation based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem
Authors : Ashay Shrivastava, Manish Gupta, Shashank Swami
6 A Snapshot of Black Hole Attack Detection in MANET
Authors : Moirangthem Marjit Singh, Ankita Singh, Jyotsana Kumar Mandal
7 Recommender System based on Learner Knowledge and Opining using Data Mining Techniques in Synchronous E-Learning Environment
Authors : Mohammad Daoud, Asad Ahmad, Alok Nikhil Jha
8 Visualization of Mechanics Problems based on Natural Language Processing
Authors : Aditya Nayak, Bharat Geleda, Avani Sakhapara, Amanpreet Singh, Narayan Acharya