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A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technique for Cloud based on FVM Approach

by Rameshwari Malik, Pramod Kumar
International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 118 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2015
Authors: Rameshwari Malik, Pramod Kumar

Rameshwari Malik, Pramod Kumar . A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technique for Cloud based on FVM Approach. International Journal of Computer Applications. 118, 1 ( May 2015), 20-24. DOI=10.5120/20710-3029

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2024-02-06T23:00:30.484931+05:30
%A Rameshwari Malik
%A Pramod Kumar
%T A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technique for Cloud based on FVM Approach
%J International Journal of Computer Applications
%@ 0975-8887
%V 118
%N 1
%P 20-24
%D 2015
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

Cloud computing visualize as the next generation computing technique for Information technology due to advantages provided by this technology. Cloud computing solutions are scalable, advanced and low cost. Its nature is distributed as cloud, it is indefensible to a large category of attacks are very frequent. Security is major challenge in cloud computing . This paper proposed the creation of FVM(forensic virtual machine ) so that each virtual machine can be used as different security issue and which security issue have high probability can be classified using Bayesian classifier . An intrusion detection system proposed for monitoring the network against malicious attack . In this paper malicious attacks divided into three major categories first FVM used for detect unauthorized access, second used for malicious nodes and third one for IDS activity.

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