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An Aspect Oriented Approach to Introduce Aspects in the Operating System

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2015 by IJCA Journal
Volume 119 - Number 11
Year of Publication: 2015
Jatin Arora
Pavneet Kaur

Jatin Arora and Pavneet Kaur. Article: An Aspect Oriented Approach to Introduce Aspects in the Operating System. International Journal of Computer Applications 119(11):1-7, June 2015. Full text available. BibTeX

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Software systems are very inflexible towards modification of already existing functionalities such as security, dynamic re-configurability, robustness etc. In such functionalities if need arises for any enhancements then it affects large fractions of the code. Thus results in difficult to implement. Such functional enhancements in any component of the system that affect large fractions of the program code, are often called crosscutting concerns. Such cross-cutting concerns can be solved by the new emerging extension to object oriented paradigm i. e. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). The main idea in AOP is the programmer's ability to affect the execution of core code by writing aspects. Aspects are pieces of code that are run before, or after core function for which aspect is written. The quantification part means that programmer can define points in the main program. Aspects should affect the main program by using some definition language that is usually a declarative one. The obliviousness means that the affected code does not need to know anything about aspects.


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