Call for Paper - July 2020 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80889-59-8)

# Article Title
1 Integrated Dominant Brightness Level Analysis and Guided Image Filter for Satellite Image Enhancement
Authors : Richa Bhatia, Jagdeep Singh Aulakh
2 An Approach to Design and Reduce Cost of IP Telephony using SIP TRUNKING
Authors : Dhruv Saxena, Puran Gour, Brahmi Shrman
3 Diabetes Detection using Genetic Programming
Authors : Rashmi Sonawane, Sonali Patil
4 Mobile Ad-hoc Network using P-Encryption Scheme
Authors : H.O. Archita Deore, Shraddhha Satpute, Pradnya Nandwalkar, K.S. Kumavat
5 DDOS Attack Prevention on Application Layer
Authors : Ashvini P. Pawar, Anushree P. Sonawane, Bhagyashree N. Damale, Kiran S. Kokate, K.S. Kumavat
6 A Novel Approach for Automatic Timetable Generation
Authors : Mayuri R. Bagul, Sunil C. Chaudhari, Sunita N. Nagare, Pushkar R. Patil, K.S. Kumavat
7 Energy Efficient Cross-Layer Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Md. Imran Hossain Jony, Mohammad Rakibul Islam
8 Unreliable Batch Arrival Retrial Queue with Negative Customers, Multi-Types of Heterogeneous Service, Setup Time and Reserved Time
Authors : K. Kirupa, K. Udaya Chandrika