Call for Paper - July 2022 Edition
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Number 13 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-02-0)

# Article Title
1 Evaluation of Entropy-based Edge Detector Methods for Human Object
Authors : Arwa Darwish Alzughaibi, Zenon Chaczko
2 Enhancing the Security of Caesar Cipher Substitution Method using a Randomized Approach for more Secure Communication
Authors : Atish Jain, Ronak Dedhia, Abhijit Patil
3 Vertical Handoff Prediction based on Human Movement and Little’s Law
Authors : Alap Kango, Shivdatta Patil, Tejas Ghanekar, Tejas Dhawale, S.S. Sambare
4 A Study based on Various Face Recognition Algorithms
Authors : Yukti Bakhshi, Sukhvir Kaur, Prince Verma
5 A New Fuzzy based Approach for Destabilization of Terrorist Network
Authors : Suraksha Tiwari, Shilky Shrivastava, Manish Gupta
6 Speech-to-Speech Translation: A Review
Authors : Mahak Dureja, Sumanlata Gautam
7 Hierarchical Clustering- An Efficient Technique of Data mining for Handling Voluminous Data
Authors : Shuhie Aggarwal, Parul Phoghat, Seema Maitrey
8 Collaborative Intrusion Detection and Prevention against Jellyfish Attack in MANET
Authors : Deepika Bhawsar, Anil Suryavanshi