Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 12 (ISBN: 973-93-80891-75-5)

# Article Title
1 Accident Positioning System
Authors : Shiv Prakash Gupta, Vishwa Mohan Prasad, Anita R.
2 Designing and Performance Evaluation of an Advanced Method for Corner Detection using Harris Technique
Authors : Amandeep, Parveen Singla
3 Optimal Battery Charger Fed by Photovoltaic System based on Decreased Charging Current Method
Authors : Hussain S. Maraud, Isam M. Abdulbaqi
4 Active RFID and ESP8266 based Child Monitoring System
Authors : Chirag Yadav, Ankit Pandey, Mayank Saraogi, Shubham Tribhuwan
5 A Perlustration of Various Image Segmentation Techniques
Authors : Sonam Mandiratta, Pooja Batra Nagpal, Sarika Chaudhary
6 Evaluation of Image Deblurring Techniques
Authors : Sudha Yadav, Charu Jain, Aarti Chugh
7 Design and Performance Analysis of Reversible RSG Gate using QCA
Authors : Umang Garg, Ritika Jain
8 Team Selection Strategy in IPL 9 using Random Forests Algorithm
Authors : C. Deep Prakash, C. Patvardhan, C. Vasantha Lakshmi