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Customized Search Application

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Thingujam Joseph, Bethsheba J. Rapthap, Nupur Choudhury

Thingujam Joseph, Bethsheba J Rapthap and Nupur Choudhury. Customized Search Application. International Journal of Computer Applications 152(9):10-13, October 2016. BibTeX

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The main purpose of the search application is to help users find appropriate in-formation that they are looking for. The user needs to login first in order to per-form his search. The Admin will upload the document and the search application will store all the words contain in the document in the database table with some details of the word like how many times the word is present, which document it is present, etc. The system will then search the results of a specific targeted query entered by the user by calculating the tf-idf value and based on the tf-idf value, the result will be displayed. This result is nothing but lists of documents which is most appropriate or relevant to the query that the user has entered. This project also aims at implementing some of the features like customizing by displaying previously viewed sites of each user, recently uploaded documents, etc. It is implemented in PHP, HTML and with MySQL as the database.


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tf-idf, tokenization, parsing, indexing, parser etc.