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Edge Domination Number of Corona Product Graph of a Cycle with a Star

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
J. Sreedevi, B. Maheswari

J Sreedevi and B Maheswari. Edge Domination Number of Corona Product Graph of a Cycle with a Star. International Journal of Computer Applications 157(8):34-36, January 2017. BibTeX

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Graph Theory has been realized as one of the most useful branches of Mathematics of recent origin with wide applications to combinatorial problems and to classical algebraic problems. Graph theory has applications in diverse areas such as social sciences, linguistics, physical sciences, communication engineering etc.

The theory of domination in graphs is an emerging area of research in graph theory today. It has been studied extensively and finds applications to various branches of Science & Technology. An introduction and an extensive overview on domination in graphs and related topics is surveyed and detailed in the two books by Haynes et al [7, 8].

Products are often viewed as a convenient language with which one can describe structures, but they are increasingly being applied in more substantial ways. Every branch of mathematics employs some notion of product that enables the combination or decomposition of its elemental structures.

In this paper some results on minimal edge dominating sets of corona product graph of cycle with a star are discussed.


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Corona Product, edge dominating set, edge domination number.