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Methods Usage Computer for Security and User Convenience

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
I Ketut Wijaya

Ketut I Wijaya. Methods Usage Computer for Security and User Convenience. International Journal of Computer Applications 160(1):1-4, February 2017. BibTeX

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Computer models equipment nowadays has been used widely and computers as work facility cant be separated from the used of electricity. The Conditions of electricity that used with different loads, so the electric power through socket installed must go through a process of grounding (earthing) to minimize electrical medal on computer loads facility.

The electric power that used must have a pretty good criteria with fitted earthing, in order to minimize the electric field on the computer. Earthing data obtained by measuring directly in the study where the system should be installed computer loads. Earthing that mounted on socket that has been installed which is used in the study with a computer has a data load electric field 20 volt / meter. socket without grounding (earthing) has the electric field of 650 volts / meter and has a body voltage of 25 volts is enough to make safe and comfortable. After repairs on grounding (earthing) with detainees of connection obtained 60 Ohm has the electric field of 7 volts / meter with body voltage drop to 3 volts.

The results showed that the grounding (earthing) attached to the socket working with computers will reduce the burden of the electric field and the voltage level of the body that affect the level of security and convenience for the computer users. The reduction of the electric field can be done by adjusting the eye’s distance from computer.


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Earthing (Ground), Electric Field, Safety And Convenience Work.