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Image Encryption using Block Permutation and XOR Operation

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
T. Sivakumar, K. Gayathri Devi

T Sivakumar and Gayathri K Devi. Image Encryption using Block Permutation and XOR Operation. International Journal of Computer Applications 160(9):33-36, February 2017. BibTeX

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Now a days, in every communication channel there is a necessity of transmission of messages securely from sender to the authentic receiver. In recent years, for different information transfer systems, a number of data encryption techniques has been evolved. Several encryption approaches based on permutation have been proposed by various researchers. In this paper, for encrypting images, permutation and XOR operation with a key matrix which together fulfill the purpose of cipher is proposed. First the image is divided into blocks which are then shuffled among themselves using random numbers. Lagged Fibonacci Generator (LFG) is used to generate random numbers and further the random numbers are used as key stream for XOR operation. The proposed encryption method is simple and ensures the security of the encrypted images.


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Cryptography, image encryption, Lagged Fibonacci Generator (LFG), Random number