Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80896-34-1)

# Article Title
1 Mixed Batch and Transactional Workloads for Cloud Computing Jobs
Authors : M. Kalai Selvi, B. Arunkumar
2 Improved Air Light Estimation Algorithm by using Fuzzy Filters and Dark Channel with Large Haze Gradients
Authors : Anil Rai, Harpreet K. Bajaj
3 A Network Intrusion Detection Framework based on Bayesian Network using Wrapper Approach
Authors : Md Reazul Kabir, Abdur Rahman Onik, Tanvir Samad
4 Enhancing the Performance of K-Means Clustering by using Fuzzy Partitioning Matrix
Authors : Ahtesham Husain Shaikh, Manoj E. Patil
5 Evaluation of Hybrid Encryption Technique to Secure Data during Transmission in Cloud Computing
Authors : Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari, Qahtan Makki Shallal
6 Application of Neuro-Fuzzy in the Recognition of Control Chart Patterns
Authors : El Farissi O., Moudden A.
7 Captcha Breaking using Segmentation and Morphological Operations
Authors : Bandu Madar, G. Kiran Kumar, C. Ramakrishna
8 A Prediction Method to Improve Training Management
Authors : Mohamed Elglaad, A. A. Ewees, E. E. Abd-Elrazek