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SVM based Diabetic Classification and Hospital Recommendation

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Shital Tambade, Madan Somvanshi, Pranjali Chavan, Swati Shinde

Shital Tambade, Madan Somvanshi, Pranjali Chavan and Swati Shinde. SVM based Diabetic Classification and Hospital Recommendation. International Journal of Computer Applications 167(1):40-43, June 2017. BibTeX

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Today Diabetes has become a severe disease that is growing rapidly worldwide. A lot of research and work has been done on the same and it shows that there is a need of some automated system which would help the diabetic patients to get hospital recommendations and all.The proposed system uses the SVM classifier to classify the person into diabetic positive or negative class. The diabetic positive patients are then clustered into different clusters as per the severity of the disease. The system also recommends all the nearby hospitals to the patients and the generation of QR code reduces the patients headache of carrying the papers/reports, and thus helps the doctors to better understand the patient’s diabetic case history.


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Classification,svm,diabetes,pima indian diabetic dataset..