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Efficient and Secure AAA for Mobile Router in Network Mobility Environment (A3MR-NEMO)

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2020
William Asiedu, K.O. Boateng

William Asiedu and K O Boateng. Efficient and Secure AAA for Mobile Router in Network Mobility Environment (A3MR-NEMO). International Journal of Computer Applications 175(17):12-19, September 2020. BibTeX

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Mobile Networks play a vital role in the communication and networking fields. Usage of mobile devices and mobile applications are increasing because of its any-where any-time strategy. Many mobile applications, services, algorithms and protocols are developed to provide a better quality of service to the users. When the number of users increases, the mobile network operators search for new methodologies to adopt the vast number of users. The increasing number of users increases the signaling overhead and security issues. To offer a solution to these problems, we propose a mechanism base on Authentication, Authorization and Accounting system on NEMO. This mechanism provides efficient, reliable and secure communication among mobile network nodes. Experiment results shows consistency with theoretical analysis and exhibit better protection and low overhead compared to recent related studies through NS3.


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Access router, Algorithm, AAA, NEMO, Mobile Route