Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 175

Number 1

Editor's choice: PLC based Multi Three-Phase Induction Motors Motion Controller
Author : Arshed A. Saher, Jawad R. Mahmood

Number 2

Editor's choice: Analysis of Tourist Information System Model in North Sulawesi Province
Author : Yonatan Parassa, Mex U. Pesik, Yohanis S. Rompon

Number 3

Editor's choice: Compact and Wideband Disc Monopole Antenna based on Epsilon Negative Transmission Line for WiFi Applications
Author : Parisa Forouzannezhad, Sahereh SahandAbadi, Morteza Azizi Ghoomi

Number 4

Editor's choice: Performance Analysis of Molecular Complex Detection in Social Network Datasets
Author : Neny Sulistianingsih, Edi Winarko

Number 5

Editor's choice: Text-independent Speaker Identification in Emotional and Whispered Speech Environments
Author : Naresh P. Jawarkar, Raghunath S. Holambe, Tapan Kumar Basu

Number 6

Editor's choice: An Optimal Task Scheduling Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing
Author : Md. Erfan, Farhana Huq, Md. Shariful Islam

Number 7

Number 8

Editor's choice: Functional and Basis Path Method for Testing on the Development of WEB Show Window of Crysanthemun Flowers
Author : Olga Melo, Anthon Arie Kimbal, Robby Tangkudung

Number 9

Number 10

Editor's choice: Visual Object Tracking using Sparse Representation and Interest Points in a Double Step Approach
Author : Mohamad Hosein Davoodabadi Farahani, Mohsen Khan Mohamadi, Mojtaba Lotfizad

Number 11

Editor's choice: Geometric Landmark-based Pose Tracking for Holonomic Mobile Robots
Author : Hamid Taheri, Zhao Chun Xia

Number 12

Editor's choice: Software-based Diagnostic Approach for Detection of Malaria Parasite in Blood
Author : Adetokunbo A. Adenowo, Adesoji A. Awobajo, Sheriff Alimi

Number 13

Number 14

Editor's choice: Web Support System for Prediction of Heart Disease using k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Author : Savitha Kamalapurkar, Samyama Gunjal G.H.

Number 15

Editor's choice: Design of a Wirelessly-Updated Digital Clock with Android Interface
Author : E. O. Idiaghe, R. I. Osaze, E. Osazee

Number 16

Editor's choice: Use of IoT to Real-time Monitoring of Storage Silo and Ozone Gas Fungal Decontamination Strategy
Author : Carlos Soares, Eliza Gomes, Fabiano Dahlke, Carlos De Rolt, Patricia Plentz, Mario Dantas, Vildes Scussel

Number 17

Number 18

Number 19

Number 20

Editor's choice: A Secured Cloud-based E-voting System using Information Dispersal Algorithm
Author : John Kingsley Arthur, Kofi Sarpong Adu-Manu, Charles Adjetey

Number 21

Editor's choice: An Experimental Study of Various Machine Learning Approaches in Heart Disease Prediction
Author : Md. Shafiul Azam, Md. Abu Raihan, Humayan Kabir Rana

Number 22

Editor's choice: An Enhanced-Time Difference of Arrival Technique for Estimating Mobile Station Position in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author : Adekunle A. Adeyelu, Onaji J. Onah, Iwuese J. Orban

Number 23

Editor's choice: Character Recognition using Neural Network Self-Organizing Map (NN-SOM)
Author : Okpor Margaret Dumebi

Number 24

Editor's choice: An Embedded Computer Vision System for Beans Quality Inspection
Author : Robson A.G. Macedo, Peterson A. Belan, Sidnei A. Araújo

Number 25

Editor's choice: Electronic Citizen Relationship Management (e-CiRM) Modeling towards Serang as a Smart City
Author : Vidila Rosalina, Tb Ai Munandar, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto

Number 26

Editor's choice: Design of Simulation System based on Digital Processing of Sound to Identify the Genres of Arabic Music
Author : M.E. ElAlami, S.M.K. Tobar, S.M. Kh, Eman A. Esmaeil

Number 27

Editor's choice: Machine Learning to Estimate the Floating Population in Florianopolis
Author : Denilton Luiz Darold, Carlos Roberto Da Rolt, Andrea Sabbioni

Number 28

Editor's choice: Multi-UAV Path Planning using Modified Dijkstra's Algorithm
Author : Dhruv Karve, Farhan Kapadia

Number 29

Number 30

Number 31

Editor's choice: Employee Work Motivation Detection using Image and Audio Processing
Author : H.P.H. Wathsara, M.L.P.D. Dhananjana, D.A. Nanayakkara, B.B.K.R. Dharmarathne, L.H Sanjeevi Chandrasiri, J.K. Joseph

Number 32

Editor's choice: A Cloud Service Broker for Cost Effective Infrastructure Selection using Multiple Deployment Options
Author : Raphael Gomes, Geovany Rodrigues, Gilberto Lobo

Number 33

Editor's choice: Design a Novel User based Authentication System that Identify by User and Device
Author : B. Bamleshwar Rao, Akhilesh A. Waoo

Number 34

Number 35

Editor's choice: Linear Programming Applied the Quantitative Analysis of the Nutrients of the Menus Served in Full-Time Daycare Centers
Author : Silvana Marques Filgueiras Teixeira, Warley Gramacho Da Silva, Glêndara Aparecida De Souza Martins

Number 36

Editor's choice: Multidimensional and Non-Relational Data Models: A Comparison with a Big Volume of Data
Author : Maria Camila S. De Lira, Ademir B. Santos Neto, Maria C. Moraes Batista, Roberta Macedo M. Gouveia, Tiago Alessandro E. Ferreira

Number 37

Editor's choice: A Text Mining Approach in Patents and Papers: Analyzing Wind and Solar Energy Trends
Author : Cleber Gustavo Dias, Alaydes Mikaelle De Morais

Number 38

Number 39

Editor's choice: Predicting DDoS Anomaly Patterns in SDN Controller using Hidden Markov Model
Author : Abdul-wadud Alhasan, Sonjie Wei