Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 23 (ISBN: 973-93-80901-41-5)

# Article Title
1 Enabling Virtual Organization System for Agro Business
Authors : Adedoyin Odumabo, David Ikudaisi, Akinlolu Adekotujo, Onala Sejiro
2 Blockchain Technology for Secure Electronic Voting
Authors : Anita Thakur, A.J. Singh
3 Risk Management Assessment on Human Resource Information Technology Services using COBIT 5
Authors : Muhammad Nur Fuad, Imam Riadi
4 Character Recognition using Neural Network Self-Organizing Map (NN-SOM)
Authors : Okpor Margaret Dumebi
5 Modeling and Availability Analysis of Cement Manufacturing Plant Subject to Coverage Factor and Human Failure
Authors : Reena, Vineeta Basotia
6 Myers Briggs Personality Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors : Nishita Vaddem, Pooja Agarwal
7 Tourism Information System as a Promotion Container of Tourism Business in North Sulawesi Province
Authors : Yonatan Parassa, Mex U. Pesik, Toban T. Pairunan, Alma K. Pongtuluran
8 Building Real-Time Translation of Arabic Sign Language System using Mechatronic Approach
Authors : A.I. El-Alfi, R. Adly, H.M. Ibrahim