Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 32 (ISBN: 973-93-80901-50-7)

# Article Title
1 A Cloud Service Broker for Cost Effective Infrastructure Selection using Multiple Deployment Options
Authors : Raphael Gomes, Geovany Rodrigues, Gilberto Lobo
2 NAT Traversal Techniques: A Survey
Authors : Farida Chowdhury
3 A Proposed Technique to Prevent ARP spoofing in Local Area Networks
Authors : Mohamad Fakher Karzon, Mohammad Samir Modabbes
4 Real-Time Data Center Design using Firebase: A Case Study of Sales System Design
Authors : Harson Kapoh, Olga E.Melo, Anthon Arie Kimbal, Anritsu Polii
5 Implementing AODV Routing Protocol in VANET using SDN
Authors : Khandaker Mohammad Mohi Uddin, Nayeema Islam, Jahanara Akhtar
6 Scanning of Thesis Script Similarity with Vector Space Model
Authors : Sri Winiarti, Ulaya Ahdiani, Romakh Fitriani
7 Drawbacks of Poor-Quality Ultrasound Images and its Enhancement
Authors : Khan Sumaiya, S.S. Kawathekar
8 Human Face Detection Technique using Haar-like Features
Authors : Srikanta Pal