Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-44-9)

# Article Title
1 Functional and Basis Path Method for Testing on the Development of WEB Show Window of Crysanthemun Flowers
Authors : Olga Melo, Anthon Arie Kimbal, Robby Tangkudung
2 Donna - A web based AI Personal Assistant
Authors : Ami Doshi, Ria Shah, Drasti Bhimani, Bhoomi Patel, Swati Mali
3 Automatic Railway Barrier System, Railway Tracking and Collision Avoidance using IOT
Authors : Ishan Jain, Shubham Malik, Soumya Agrawal
4 Style Transfer for Audio using Convolutional Neural Networks
Authors : Bhaumik Choksi, Alisha Sawant, Swati Mali
5 A Data-driven Digital Analytics Framework for Mobile App Analytics
Authors : Abdul Majed Raja R. S.
6 Evaluation of e-Governance Automated Processes in University Administration
Authors : Eleni Symeonaki, Michail Papoutsidakis, Dimitrios Tseles
7 Information Technology and μController Applications to Support Experiential Learning of Students
Authors : K. Kalovrektis, M. Papoutsidakis, C. Drosos, G. Stamoulis
8 Smart Home Applications for Energy Saving and Increased Security
Authors : Lambros Katsinoulas, Michail Papoutsidakis, Dimitrios Tseles