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Proposing HRBAIM: (Human Robotics based Animal Interaction Method) by using Haptic Technology

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Aina Sharma, Inderpal Singh, Rimmy Chuchra

Aina Sharma, Inderpal Singh and Rimmy Chuchra. Proposing HRBAIM: (Human Robotics based Animal Interaction Method) by using Haptic Technology. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(1):4-8, November 2017. BibTeX

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This paper presents a new animal inspired methodology (AIM) named HRBAIM that is termed as human robotics based animal interaction method. Here, humans and robotics will perform a collaborative task by utilizing haptic technology and takes a joint action in our daily life works. This paper shows a pet dog can be handled or controlled by the machine robotics where robotics acts as a master for pet dog. The instructions are given to pet dog by his master who is robotics and the overall control is in the hand of human who is act as a Grand Master and robotics act as a slave for grand master (who is human). For providing continues surrounding interactions authors utilizes haptic technology. This collaboration/mutual-co-ordination of AIM (Animal Inspired Method) plays a vital role in daily life like during the absence of humans in their homes robotics will take care of their pet dogs. The other benefit to utilize this animal inspired methodology is to reduce the human burden, save energy, save time and most importantly transferring human responsibilities to the Robotics machines that ultimately provides a regular contact of humans with their pet dogs even in their absence. Hence, robotics easily handle problems occurs with pet dog artificially with a step closer to natural touch. In addition, this proposed methodology may also help to learn animals behavior to humans in intelligent manner.


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Human-Robotic Interaction, Haptic Technology, Tactile Sensors, Holographic Interactions.