Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 177

Number 1

Number 2

Editor's choice: Animal Care Automated System
Author : S. O. Ogunlere, S. A. Fagbohun, O. K. Iwala

Number 3

Editor's choice: High Data Rate Optical logic OR, and NOT Gates at Optimum Injection Current based on SOA-MZI
Author : Azhar Hussein Neama, Ismael Shanan Desher

Number 4

Number 5

Editor's choice: A Bidirectional Resonant DC-DC Converter for Electrical Vehicle Charging/Discharging Systems
Author : Fahad Khan, Yu Tang, Gong Sicheng

Number 6

Editor's choice: Network Resource Management Optimization for SDN based on Statistical Approach
Author : Mohammed Najm Abdullah, Afrah Salman Dawood, Ali Kamal Taqi

Number 7

Editor's choice: Signal Type Detection in CRN :A Machine Learning Framework Using Spectral Correlation Feature
Author : Nayan Basumatary, Bhabesh Nath, Nityananda Sarma

Number 8

Editor's choice: Optical Power Budgeting in Colorless WDM PON
Author : Amir Razaq, Shahzada Alamgir Khan

Number 9

Editor's choice: Balance Automatic Control System Load 3 Phase
Author : Fanny Doringin, Marson James Budiman, Stephy Walukow

Number 10

Number 11

Editor's choice: WOT Enabled Smart Cities integrated Big Data Analytics
Author : Varun Tiwari, Vikas Rao Vadi, Mukta Sharma

Number 12

Editor's choice: Lion/Lioness Gender Recognition
Author : Hari Chandana Karnam Rajendraprasad

Number 13

Editor's choice: ePerícia: Web and Mobile Computing Environment for Public Forensic Data Management and Collect
Author : Thiago M. B. Rodrigues, Glenda M. Botelho, Ary H. M. Oliveira

Number 14

Editor's choice: Writer-independent Offline Handwritten Signature Verification using Novel Feature Extraction Techniques
Author : Md. Aminur Rahman, Sarker Miraz Mahfuz, S. M. Abdullah Al-Mamun

Number 15

Editor's choice: Data Duplication Tactics with Hadoop
Author : Waqas Ahmad, Hongwei Xie, Ammad Khan, Mubashir Tariq

Number 16

Editor's choice: Design and Construction a Falling Water Digital Display System
Author : Israa Subri Alfurati, Bayadir A. Issa, Osama T. Rashid, Abdulmuttalib T. Rashid

Number 17

Editor's choice: Classification and Detection of Citrus Disease using Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Author : Ayobami I. Ojelabi, Oluwabusayo I. Omotosho, Olajide A. Oladejo

Number 18

Editor's choice: Switching Frequency Selection Technique for Model Predictive Control based Multilevel Inverter
Author : Md. Tariquzzaman, Md. Tanvir Ahammed, Md. Moznuzzaman

Number 19

Editor's choice: 3D-Rebuild based SFM Algorism Improvement
Author : Junyuan Sun

Number 20

Editor's choice: Proposed Framework for Quality Assessment of E-government Portals in Saudi Arabia
Author : Awatif Almurayziq, Shaimaa Salama

Number 21

Editor's choice: A Low Cost Remotely Analysis of ECG Signal based on LabVIEW
Author : Walaa Esame Kamel, Ashraf Hafez, Hala Mohamed Abd-Elkader

Number 22

Editor's choice: Comparative Performance Analysis of DSDV, DSR and OLSR Routing Protocols to Determine the Best Suited Routing Approach through Simulation in Mobile Wimax Network
Author : Sultana Jahan Soheli, Zayed-Us-Salehin, Farjana Afroz Nila, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan

Number 23

Editor's choice: Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement in CMOS Low-Voltage Low-Power Operational Amplifiers
Author : Mohammad Reza Safarian, Ghazal Moradi, Saber Izadpanah Toos

Number 24

Editor's choice: DCT versus DWT Chaotic based Color Image Encryption
Author : M. A. Mohamed, M. I. Fath Allah, L. W. Elbon

Number 25

Editor's choice: Automated Essay Scoring using Word2vec and Support Vector Machine
Author : A. E. E. Elalfi, A. F. Elgamal, N. A. Amasha

Number 26

Editor's choice: A Swarm-based Algorithm for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem
Author : Esraa Salem Al-Manaseer, Hind Mousa Al-hamadeen, Abdelaziz I. Hammouri

Number 27

Editor's choice: The Utilization of Consignable Multi-Model in Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Nodules
Author : Muhammad Bilal Zia, Zhao Juan Juan, Zia Ur Rehman, Kamran Javed, Saad Abdul Rauf, Arooj Khan

Number 28

Editor's choice: A Study on Genetic Algorithms for Cryptography
Author : B. Reddaiah

Number 29

Editor's choice: Teaching the Implementation of Digital Control using Proteus VSM Software
Author : Getu Gabisa, Mengesha Mamo

Number 30

Editor's choice: Translation of Brahmi Inscriptions to Sinhala using Natural Language Processing
Author : Nethmi Hettiarachchi, Indrachapa Pathiraja, Dilum Madawala

Number 31

Number 32

Editor's choice: Application of Soft-Set Relations and Soft Matrices in Medical Diagnosis using Sanchez’s Approach
Author : Muhammad Naveed Jafar, Muhammad Saqlain, Muhammad Saeed, Qamar Abbas

Number 33

Editor's choice: Developing a Routing Protocol in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) using Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Methods
Author : Kafaa Almuhammad, Souheil Khawatmi, Marwan Ghabally

Number 34

Editor's choice: Developing a Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Weather Prediction
Author : Hatem Mohamed Abd EL-Kader, Amr Ibrahim Awd El-Shora

Number 35

Editor's choice: A Hybrid Watermarking Scheme for Increasing Watermark Capacity and Security
Author : R. A. El-Sheikh, F. Khalifa, M. A. Mohammed

Number 36

Editor's choice: A Hybrid Round Robin Scheduling Mechanism for Process Management
Author : Khaji Faizan Ali, Abhijeet Marikal, Kakelli Anil Kumar

Number 37

Editor's choice: An Improved Energy-Efficient Prediction-based Model for Animal Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author : Akinyemi Bodunde Odunola, Egunlayi Olutayo Cyril

Number 38

Number 39

Editor's choice: Effect of Node Density over the performance of DSR, TORA, and OLSR Routing Protocols of MANET
Author : Naeem Raza, Aized Amin Soofi, Habib Ur Rehman, Mubashir Tariq

Number 40

Number 41

Editor's choice: A Co-operative Fog-based Load Balance (CFBLB) Strategy
Author : Mary M. Fouad, Ahmed I. Saleh, Mohamed F. EL-Rahamawy

Number 42

Editor's choice: Programmatic Effect of Optimized Smali Code on Saving Energy of Android Applications
Author : Marwa Dahdouh, Amer Bouchi, Souheil Khawatmi, Mouhamad Ayman Naal

Number 43

Editor's choice: The Tradeoff between Mean Delay and Energy Saving Factor under DRX Scheme
Author : Mohammad Asif Hossain, Md. Imdadul Islam, Fahima Tabassum, M. R. Amin

Number 44

Number 45

Editor's choice: The Exact Vacuum Solution for Kasner Metric from Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Model
Author : Ahmed M. Al-Haysah, A.H. Hasmani

Number 46

Number 47

Editor's choice: Metaheuristic Tuning Generalisation by Cross-Validated Racing
Author : Thiago Henrique Lemos Fonseca, Alexandre Cesar Muniz De Oliveira

Number 48

Editor's choice: High Performance Model for Handling Machine Breakdown in Identical Parallel Machines
Author : Onwuachu Uzochukwu C., Ugwu C., Williams Edem