Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 44 (ISBN: 973-93-80900-89-9)

# Article Title
1 Knowledge Engineering on Internet of Things through Reinforcement Learning
Authors : Wasswa Shafik, Seyed Akabr Mostafavi
2 An Empirical Study on Some Image Enhancement Techniques towards Identification of Chronical Diseases
Authors : Sreekanth Puli, M. James Stephen, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy
3 Prediction of Child Development using Data Mining Approach
Authors : Juhi Bansod, Mugdha Amonkar, Ambica Naik, Tina Vaz, Manjusha Sanke, Shailendra Aswale
4 IMS-LIP-KM: Extension of IMS-LIP Standard for Modeling a New User Profile
Authors : Haddani Outman, Amjad Souad, Jellouli Ismail
5 Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Micro Blogs using Power Links and Genetic Algorithms
Authors : Mahmoud Rokaya
6 Forged Multinational Currency Identification and Detection System using Deep Learning Algorithm
Authors : Megha Jadhav, Yogeshkumar Sharma, G. M. Bhandari
7 A Systematic Literature Review of Data Classification Techniques
Authors : Neha Nigam, Anand Rajavat
8 Review on E-Waste Management Strategies for Implementing Green Computing
Authors : Tamanna Akther Mukta, Iqbal Ahmed