Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 16 (ISBN: 973-93-80900-60-0)

# Article Title
1 An Analysis of Visual Speech Features for Recognition of Non-articulatory Sounds using Machine Learning
Authors : Francisco Carlos M. Souza, Alinne C. Correa Souza, Carolina Y. V. Watanabe, Patricia Pupin Mandrá, Alessandra Alaniz Macedo
2 Region-based Teams Ranking in the Game of Cricket using PageRank Algorithm
Authors : Akbar Hussain, Yan Qiang, M. Abdul Qadoos Bilal, Inam Ullah, Najeeb Ullah
3 Design and Construction a Falling Water Digital Display System
Authors : Israa Subri Alfurati, Bayadir A. Issa, Osama T. Rashid, Abdulmuttalib T. Rashid
4 Implementing Adobe Captivate in Designing E-Learning’s Digital Content
Authors : Paula Dewanti, Muhammad Rusli
5 M-Care Child Detection Kiddie Blocks Mobile Application
Authors : Lasantha Abeysiri, R. D. Brahmana, W. M. D. M. Wanasundara, P. N. Navoda, O. V. Godage
6 The Automatic Storage and Retrieval System: An Overview
Authors : Hanan M. Hameed, Kharia A. Al Amry, Abdulmuttalib T. Rashid
7 Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Rapid Miner Tool
Authors : Shilpa Singh Hanswal, Astha Pareek, Amita Sharma
8 Using Word Sketches to Resolve Prepositional Phrase Attachment Ambiguity in Arabic
Authors : Imtiaz Hussain Khan