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WOT Enabled Smart Cities integrated Big Data Analytics

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Varun Tiwari, Vikas Rao Vadi, Mukta Sharma

Varun Tiwari, Vikas Rao Vadi and Mukta Sharma. WOT Enabled Smart Cities integrated Big Data Analytics. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(11):39-44, October 2019. BibTeX

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New Modern cities fortified with Network Sensors. Sensors generate a large amount of data from various resources such as transportation, intelligent lighting, waste management, WoT enabled buildings and wot enabled healthcare, etc. In Case a user wants to analyze such large amount of data generated by the smart cities’ sensors, then Big Data Analysis Tools could solve this problem. This research paper focuses on Big Data Analytics, and WOT enabled Smart Cities.

It also explains various application which used in WOT enabled Smart Cities for integration Big Data. This Paper covers Web of Things, Smart Cities, and Big Data Analysis, etc. This Paper covered Five main areas Applications such as WOT enabled Smart Cities integration with Big Data, WOT Technology, Role of WOT enabled Smart Cities Infrastructure Integration Big Data, Elements of WOT enabled Smart Cities integration Big Data, Case study WOT enabled Lighting System for Smart Cities integration Big Data.


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Web of Things, Smart Cities, Big Data, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics, Cloud.