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Animal Care Automated System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
S. O. Ogunlere, S. A. Fagbohun, O. K. Iwala

S O Ogunlere, S A Fagbohun and O K Iwala. Animal Care Automated System. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(2):23-30, November 2017. BibTeX

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In the field of animal care, farmers have made several breakthroughs, making sure animals are well fed at the right time and not being neglected. However, there is yet much problem in the homes and other areas where animals are being used. Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) are being used mostly in farms to identify the animals in case of theft, and in order to recognize and differentiate the animals. However, that does not help in making sure they are fed at the right time and adequately taken care off when their owners are not available to do so. This study focuses on solving the problem of adequately caring for pets and animals either by feeding, checking their wellbeing, and other challenges associated with their welfare through mobile device system using intelligent RFID technology that can handle these responsibilities without human intervention. The study adopted an approach of assigning RFID tags to different animals, so as to observe behavior and other key wellbeing measures that offer a comprehensive depiction of animal welfare. Analysis of such data make available a range of insights cherished to the pet owner.


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Radio Frequency Identifier, Animal wellbeing, Passive and active tags, Validation of images, Animal care robotic system.