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Implementation of an IP Telephony System Based on Asterisk PBX; A Case Study of Garden City University College, Ghana

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Siddique Abubakr Muntaka, Faiza Hussein, Paul Sarfo

Siddique Abubakr Muntaka, Faiza Hussein and Paul Sarfo. Implementation of an IP Telephony System Based on Asterisk PBX; A Case Study of Garden City University College, Ghana. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(28):14-20, December 2019. BibTeX

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Garden City University is a higher learning institution in Ghana, in the second capital, Kumasi. The institution has several faculties and departments. The communication requirement of the institution has changed over years after establishment, ranging from traditional communication delivery using office messengers to the use of mixed mode where they still deliver messages through messengers or call using GSM/telephone networks, which is usually costly as compared to other available methods. Voice over internet protocol is a prevailing technology that can enhance an organizations communication. Asterisk PBX is a software based private business exchange that has the capability to outsmart a traditional analogue PBX system. This research project therefore uses the power vested in the open source asterisk PBX to deploy a prototype of a communication system for Garden city university college, using open source liblinphone library and Software development kit to create a softphone for both inbound and outbound communication among staff and the university administration. The system uses Raspberry pi for the prototype. The same project can be replicated on a powerful computer architecture for relatively higher capacity of communication. Evaluation of the system is done to ascertain information about the project. The evaluation of the prototype helps in building similar system for production use. A GSM modem with voice support is later used to interface the Asterisk PBX network with public switch telephone network so that staff could dial regular telephone numbers.


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Communication, Private Business Extension (PBX), Opensource, liblinphone, Raspberry pi, GSM, PSTN.