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Instrumentation of Data Acquisition for EIT

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2020
Sukanya Aldar, Shruti Chavan, Dakshata Patil, Priya Chimurkar

Sukanya Aldar, Shruti Chavan, Dakshata Patil and Priya Chimurkar. Instrumentation of Data Acquisition for EIT. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(33):12-16, January 2020. BibTeX

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Electrical Impedance Tomography is a medical imaging technique which maps the resistivity distribution of the body and find the location of abnormalities present in the body part. In present techniques of imaging like CT scan, MRI and Ultrasound the patients have to move in specialized Room and bedside monitoring using these machines are not possible while it is possible by using EIT even in Intensive Care Unit where patients cannot be moved. This paper focuses on Instrumentation for Data acquisition for detection of location of cancerous tumors using Electrical Impedance Tomography. As we cannot experiment directly on the body, we are experimenting on phantom using saline water with adjacent current injection protocol having 16 electrodes attached on the periphery of Phantom. Our proposed research will be low cost, high speed and accurate solution for Data acquisition used in Imaging of EIT. This paper discussed on design of constant current source and Instrumentation for fast and accurate acquisition of voltages. Total 208 readings of voltages are taken by using switching circuit which is developed using Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, myRIO student embedded device and LabView.


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Analog multiplexer, Electrical impedance tomography, LabView, myRIO, Instrumentation