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Similarity Measures of Tangent, Cotangent and Cosines in Neutrosophic Environment and their Application in Selection of Academic Programs

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2020
Muhammad Naveed Jafar, Asma Farooq, Komal Javed, Nazia Nawaz

Muhammad Naveed Jafar, Asma Farooq, Komal Javed and Nazia Nawaz. Similarity Measures of Tangent, Cotangent and Cosines in Neutrosophic Environment and their Application in Selection of Academic Programs. International Journal of Computer Applications 177(46):17-24, March 2020. BibTeX

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Similarity measures have wide range of applications in real-world such as patterns, face recognitions, codding etc. In this paper it is intended to determine the tangent, cosine and cotangent similarity measure for single valued Neutrosophic sets and will compare the accuracy of all above similarity measures and applied it in decision making problems such as selection of an academic programs.


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Similarity Measures, Neutrosophic Sets, Tangent Measures, Cosine Measures, Cotangent Measures