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Review of Color Image Compression using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Block based Image Coding

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Sandeep Rai, Aditi Shrivastava, Rajesh Nigam

Sandeep Rai, Aditi Shrivastava and Rajesh Nigam. Review of Color Image Compression using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Block based Image Coding. International Journal of Computer Applications 178(39):15-19, August 2019. BibTeX

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In this modern era of multimedia, the need of image/video storage and transmission for video conferencing, image and video retrieval, video playback, etc. are increasing at very high rate. As a result, the need for more satisfactory compression technology is always in demand. Modern applications, notwithstanding high pressure proportion, additionally interest for proficient encoding and translating forms, so that to fulfill computational requirement of some continuous applications. Two generally utilized spatial space pressure methods are discrete wavelet change and staggered block truncation coding (BTC).DWT method is used to stationary and non-stationary images and applied to all average pixel value of image. Muli-level BTC is a type of lossy picture pressure system for grayscale pictures. In this, it separates the first pictures into squares and after that a quantizer is utilized to lessen the quantity of dark dimensions in each square yet keeping up a similar mean and standard deviation. In this paper is studied of Multi-level BTCand DWT technique for for gray and color image.


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DWT, Multi-level, Block Truncation Code (BTC), PSNR MSE, Compression Ratio,Quantizer