Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 178

Number 1

Editor's choice: Geo-spatial Domain Ontology: The Case of the Socio-Cultural Infrastructures
Author : Guidedi Kaladzavi, Yaya Traore, Ado Adamou Abba Ari

Number 2

Editor's choice: A New Numerical Approach for Solving Fractional Bagley-Torvik Equation
Author : Gül Gözde Biçer Şarlak, Ayşe Anapali, Mustafa Gülsu

Number 3

Editor's choice: Point to Point ILC with Initial State Learning using Neural Networks
Author : Haris Anwaar, Yin YiXin, Muhammad Ammar Ashraf, Salman Ijaz

Number 4

Editor's choice: Advantages of VCG Auction based Relay Algorithm for DTNs
Author : Gulnaz Malled, Logesh K.

Number 5

Editor's choice: The Influence of Internet and Social Media on Purchasing Decisions in Egypt and a Comparison between Egypt and Kuwait
Author : Khalid Abdulkareem Alenezi, Imad Fakhri Taha Al Shaikhli, Sufyan Salim Mahmood AlDabbagh, Khaled Alhatem

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Editor's choice: E-Learning Adoption in Open Learning Programs: A Case Study of Public and Private Universities in Jeddah City
Author : Sadik Ali Al-Taweel, Abdurahman H. Al-Abdali, Belal Al-Fuhaidi

Number 11

Editor's choice: Development of a New Adaptive Beam-Forming Technique for Smart Antenna System
Author : Mom Joseph, Olanipekun Tobi, Gabriel A. Igwue

Number 12

Editor's choice: A Particle Swarm based Approach for Classification of Cancer based on CT Scan
Author : Ahmed Sultan Al-Hegami, Abeer Saleh Hamdi Bin-Ghodel

Number 13

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Number 15

Number 16

Editor's choice: 3 Phase Monitoring and Control Control Systems based on Labview
Author : Fanny Doringin, Marson James Budiman, Stephy Walukow

Number 17

Editor's choice: IoT-based Smart Meeting Room Weather Detection System using Arduino and Relative Sensors
Author : Ahmed Al Marouf, Shariful Islam, Narayan R. Chakraborty

Number 18

Number 19

Number 20

Editor's choice: Efficient Implementation of Complex Matrix Inversion for LMMSE Decoder
Author : Vijaykumar S. Shirwal, Mahesh S. Chavan

Number 21

Editor's choice: Evaluating the Impact of GUI Similarity between Android Applications to Measure their Functional Similarity
Author : Sondus Almrayat, Rana Yousef, Ahmad Sharieh

Number 22

Editor's choice: Remote Home Security System using Open-Source Electronic Platform
Author : Rachell V. De Guzman, Clarissa Joy M. Lubrido, Claire N. Reyes

Number 23

Editor's choice: Satisfaction, Perceived Usability and Trust Impact on Website Trustworthiness
Author : Rakesh Kumar, Afshan Ejaz, Syed Asim Ali

Number 24

Editor's choice: The Effects of the Naval Profession on the Seafarers' Mental Health
Author : Dimitrios Christodoulou, Nikitas Nikitakos, Dimitrios Papachristos

Number 25

Editor's choice: SCADA Implementations to Supervise the Water Networks Infrastructures in the City of Athens
Author : M. Papoutsidakis, E. Theocharis, D. Piromalis, A. Sort

Number 26

Editor's choice: Developing Elements of User Experience for Cellular Phones and Services: Evidence from Pakistan
Author : Syed Asim Ali, Urooj Waheed, Hira Anwar Khan

Number 27

Editor's choice: Memristor Theory and Mathematical Modelling
Author : Ezeogu Apollos

Number 28

Editor's choice: Privacy Preserving Unstructured Data Publishing (PPUDP) Approach for Big Data
Author : Ramya Shree A. N. Kiran P.

Number 29

Editor's choice: Trajectory Management of Mobile VoIP over WiMAX
Author : Salma Rattal, Abdelmajid Badri, Mohammed Moughit

Number 30

Editor's choice: A Novel Watermarking Approach for Protecting Image Integrity based on a Hybrid Security Technique
Author : Ahmad M. Nagm, Mohamed Torky, Khaled Y. Youssef

Number 31

Editor's choice: Breast Cancer Detection using SVM Classifier with Grid Search Technique
Author : Vishal Deshwal, Mukta Sharma

Number 32

Editor's choice: Selected Harmonics Elimination for Modified Multilevel Inverter with Bi-Directional Switches
Author : Ibrahim A. Muhammed, Mohamad N. Abdul Kadir

Number 33

Editor's choice: Conditional based Edge Detection Algorithm Enhancing the Quality of Clustered Grain Seeds
Author : Honeyily, Disha Sugha, Vinay Thakur

Number 34

Number 35

Editor's choice: Implementation of Data Mining to Predict Food Sales Rate Method using Apriori
Author : Yuli Nur Indah Sari, Agung Triayudi, Ira Diana Sholihati

Number 36

Editor's choice: Blockchain for Healthcare: Privacy Preserving Medical Record
Author : Sarika Kadam, Akshata Meshram, Sheetal Suryawanshi

Number 37

Editor's choice: Theoretical Model for Detecting Sensitive Data Items of Users in Data Publication
Author : Charles R. Haruna, MengShu Hou, Barbie Eghan-Yartel

Number 38

Editor's choice: Filtering of Seawall GPR Signal by means of Multi-Wavelet Transform
Author : Jun Chen, Dingkai Chen, Shuangcheng Ge

Number 39

Editor's choice: Designing and Building an Over Voltage Protection System for a Smart Home
Author : Osama T. Rashid, Abdulmuttalib T. Rashid, Israa Sabri A. AL-Forati, Alaa I. AL-Mayoof

Number 40

Editor's choice: Multi-Agent Decision-Making Model for the Construction of Schools
Author : Kele Mbbe Ripaul Carlos, Nkenlifack Marcellin Julius, Kamla Vivien Corneille

Number 41

Editor's choice: A Microphone Array and Voice Algorithm based Smart Hearing Aid
Author : Bharath Sudharsan, Manigandan Chockalingam

Number 42

Editor's choice: Multilayer Perceptron based Model of Large-Scale Gene Regulatory Network
Author : Taiwo Adigun, Angela Makolo

Number 43

Editor's choice: Implemented Analyzer and Syntesis in Compiler Process
Author : Tri Ichsan Saputra, Fauziah, Andez Apriansyah, Gatot Soepriyono

Number 44

Number 45

Editor's choice: A Tangible Interface System for People with Down Syndrome
Author : Gabriel Dos Santos Dourado, Josef Augusto Oberdan Souza Silva, Ariane Ruben Calaça Di Menezes, Kárita Cecília Rodrigues Silva, Juliana Santos De Souza Hannum, Talles Marcelo Gonçalves De Andrade Barbosa

Number 46

Editor's choice: Video Steganography using Convolutional Neural Network and Temporal Residual Method
Author : Fariha Aiman, G. R. Manjula

Number 47

Number 48

Editor's choice: Evaluating a New Time-Triggered CAN FD Protocol with Periodic Messages
Author : Mahmut Tenruh, Periklis Charchalakis, Elias Stipidis

Number 49

Editor's choice: An Efficient Cross-tier Interference Mitigation Technique in LTE Femtocell Environment
Author : A. Habib, Waseem Ullah Khan, Tahir Ullah

Number 50

Editor's choice: Toward Mitigating Adversarial Texts
Author : Basemah Alshemali, Jugal Kalita

Number 51

Editor's choice: XGFX: eXtensible Game Framework through XMPP
Author : Aditya Borikar

Number 52

Editor's choice: IoT System with Access Control Integrating RFID and Non-invasive Air Conditioning
Author : Elton Nobre Morais, Pedro Hericson M. Araújo, Leonardo Da Silva Costa

Number 53

Editor's choice: Software Development Methods – Properties and Advances
Author : Syed Hamid Hasan, Usman Ali Khan