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Remote Water Consumption Metering using MQTT over Sub-gigahertz RF Environment

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Fábio Victor Schreiber, Roberto Alexandre Dias, Victoria Zanetti Marçal Gallo

Fábio Victor Schreiber, Roberto Alexandre Dias and Victoria Zanetti Marçal Gallo. Remote Water Consumption Metering using MQTT over Sub-gigahertz RF Environment. International Journal of Computer Applications 180(51):10-17, June 2018. BibTeX

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Most remote water metering systemsuse proprietary protocols and technologies that do not communicate with each other in a friendly way and this could be a problem for an enterprise with more than 4.3 million square meters and more than 750 measurement points. The use of equipment that is capable of collecting information and communicatingwith open protocols, based on IoT concepts, can be seen as a solution for such an undertaking.Thus, this article presents questions about the development of an integrated communication gateway with cloud service via MQTT protocol, for a water consumption measurement system in an enterprise using a low power microcontroller system with radio frequency data transmission operating in the sub-gigahertz band.The goal of using a radio frequency system is to maximize the coverage area per gateway installed while minimizing the costs of the equipment for widening the Wi-Fi network.


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MQTT, cloud service, water metering system, sub-gigahertz radio frequency,IoT.