Call for Paper - November 2022 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80897-91-9)

# Article Title
1 Safety Design for Simulation Models based on Formal Methods
Authors : Wassim Trojet
2 Method for Improving Camouflage Image Quality using Texture Analysis
Authors : Kalyani V. Patil, K. N. Pawar
3 Big Data Trends and Analytics: A Survey
Authors : Payal Saha, Mohit Mittal, Shreya Gupta, Marwa Sharawi
4 Proposing ELA: Environmental Learning Algorithm for Enhancing Humans and Epigenetic Robotics Skills
Authors : Inderpal Singh
5 Building English-Punjabi Parallel corpus for Machine Translation
Authors : Shishpal Jindal, Vishal Goyal, Jaskarn Singh Bhullar
6 Using Snowflake Schema and Bitmap Index for Big Data Warehouse Volume
Authors : Mohammed Benjelloun, Mohamed El Merouani, El Amin A. Abdelouarit
7 The Performance of K-Nearest Neighbors on Malignant and Benign Classes: Sensitivity, Specificity, and Accuracy Analysis for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Authors : Arash Roshanpoor, Marjan Ghazisaeidi, Sharareh R. Niakan Kalhor, Keyvan Maghooli, Reza Safdari
8 A Trust Management Scheme for Securing Transport Networks
Authors : E. Harika, Ch. Satyananda Reddy
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