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Simulation based Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Network under different Mobility and Propagation Loss Models using NS-3

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Vineet Kumar Singh, Rajeev Paulus, Aditi Agrawal, Neelesh Agrawal

Vineet Kumar Singh, Rajeev Paulus, Aditi Agrawal and Neelesh Agrawal. Simulation based Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Network under different Mobility and Propagation Loss Models using NS-3. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(4):22-26, July 2018. BibTeX

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Mobile ad hoc network is an infrastructure-less network, that consist of mobile nodes, with the ability to communicate with each other without any centralized unit. The main features of MANETs are, wireless medium, dynamic topology, distributed cooperation, vulnerable to many security attacks and data loss because of the mobility of nodes.

Many routing protocols have been developed for MANET, but ad hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is preferred as the best routing protocol for MANET, because it minimizes the routing overhead more than the other protocols and hence improves the performance of the network. In this article, we have analyzed and evaluated the performance of Nakagami propagation loss model and Friis propagation loss model under different mobility scenario at different speeds to measure the performance parameter such as Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Throughput and Packet loss, the routing protocol used in are research is AODV. [1][2].


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AODV, MANET, NS3, Friis Propagation Loss Model, Nakagami Propagation Loss Model, RWP, Constant Position Mobility Model.